IIrpin. Partially occupied, there are battles for the city, rockets are falling. There are many people who have remained in the city, but there is little food and water, many families do not have it. The water supply, electricity, and recently gas have been cut off.

Church in Irpin. We evacuated as much as possible all the people who were hiding with us. At the moment, a small team remains in the church, serving people from the city who find shelter in the church. And when there is a spare second, they try to help people, mainly the elderly or the sick, by bringing them food, water, and basic medicines. New people constantly come to the church as a shelter, some go to Kyiv on foot, some of them stay. The sisters continue to cook lunches and dinners for these people. There is almost no contact with them. The building, thank God, is intact, except for a broken window from the side of the entrance group as a result of a shell fragment that exploded in the yard.

Evacuation. The brothers are trying to evacuate people from the nearest possible point in Irpin, where people go on foot, and then to Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Rivne.
Pain. We experienced the loss and incredible pain – our brother Anatoliy Berezhnyi died. He actively served the last three days during the evacuation of the civilian population. Mortar fire caught up with him in the back as he helped a mother with two children get to the evacuation buses. He was several hundred meters short of reaching the bus boarding area.

Community. We support each other in the church chat – we help each other with housing, give advice on the way to the West, how to navigate mothers with children abroad. The pastors are preparing spiritual encouragement and planning to hold an online service on March 13. A team of soul counselors has opened a spiritual helpline for church members experiencing a spiritual crisis.

Support. During this period, we experienced the special grace of God – Christians from all over the world send messages of support and prayer. Many of you have been generous to donate money. We direct these funds to transport for evacuation, to support people who were forced to leave their homes and everything that they have, for their accommodation and living.


1. For prayers! We felt the hand of God in detail. Our church building remains intact, although rockets are falling on apartment complexes and houses across the street. Our team of servants in Irpin is intact, although they have to move around the city when there is a risk of bombardment.
2. For constantly asking how we are. We may not always be able to answer, but this is a great encouragement and understanding for us that we are a universal church where members care about each other.
3. For financial support, this is a tool for many good deeds now!

What to pray for:

– For the residents of Irpin who remained in the city, especially for the elderly and people with special needs, who are in the greatest need
– For the team that remained in Irpin. They need spiritual support.
– For the members of the church who remained in the Irpin region, with whom communication has been lost and we cannot reach everyone to check how they are
– For the church building: about God’s protection, since people are hiding here, for the opportunity to find fuel for the generator, since there is no electricity in the city
– For the people our church evacuated. For them, it was a testament to the work of God in their lives, may God grow these seeds.
– While maintaining the evacuation corridor, there are still many people who want to leave life in Irpin, and who need to be taken out
– For the family of Anatoliy Berezhnyi, and especially for his wife Diana
– For the weather, it is snowy weather again and it’s very cold in Irpin, and all utilities are damaged or disconnected
– For the community of the church, so that we do not lose heart, do not lose hope, and can find evangelical communities in places of settlement

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